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Express Loans

Donegal Town Credit Union

Express Loans Make Borrowing Super Easy!

Have you always thought that in order to take out a loan from the Credit Union you must have a regular savings? Well our new Express Loans mean that you don’t have to be a regular saver if you wish to borrow a small amount over a shorter term repayment period. Even better our Express loans are quick and easy, plus you can be confident that by approaching your local Credit Union, you will get the loan you need! Here are some of our guidelines in relation to our new Express Loans.

1. The loan amount that you can borrow via our Express Loans scheme is up to €1000, which is repayable over a relatively short time period with our flexible repayment options.

2. No savings are required, although if you don’t save regularily, this would be an excellent opportunity to start building up a nest egg for your future financial requirements.

3. We provide same day approval with documentary requirements appropriate to the size of the loan including a pay slip and recent bank statement covering 3 months.

4. Our Express Loans are available for any of your requirements, so whether it is some car repairs or a weekend away, we are here for you and will assist you in borrowing what you need.

Loan enquiries and applications can be made during office hours from 11am onwards. For further information please contact: Donegal Town Credit Union by e-mailing office@donegaltowncreditunion.com or telephone 074 9721293.

Our rate for personal loans is 12.68% APR. ”For a €1,000, 1 year variable loan  with weekly repayments of €20.43 and a interest rate of 12.68%, the total repayments will be €1061.95″ Donegal Town Credit Union LTD  is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Approval is based on your assessed ability  to repay the loan.