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Annual General Meeting 2018

19 November 2018


 November 19, 2018
Credit Union
Category: News

With the end of the 2018 calendar year fast approaching, it is also time for the Credit Union to think about its’ end of year activity, namely our Annual General Meeting.   Why have an Annual General Meeting?   As the Credit Union is owned by over 8,000 Members, with Full Member having an “equal say” – one vote per Member, it is important that there is full transparency and opportunity given for Member input, hence the need for an Annual Meeting.   It is at this time our full Accounts are reviewed and receive a full audit by an Independent Auditor and then submitted to the Central Bank for ‘sign off’.    Any new Regulatory proposals, Resolutions or Director changes are also proposed and agreed at the Annual General Meeting.   The Meeting for the Donegal Town Credit Union is scheduled for November 30th 2018 in the Abbey Hotel at 7:00pm.

Whilst there is a Credit Union Manager and Staff to manage the day-to-day function, there are also many other committees that the General Public can become   involved with, the AGM is always a good place to get a ‘feel’ prior to committing to volunteering.

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